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Hello, and welcome to Vegan Nomads!

Our aim is to show you what it’s like to ditch the 9 to 5 and earn 100% of our incomes online, possibly tax-free!

We’ve already started freelancing, but when we leave Germany for Thailand in 6 months, we’ll also try affiliate marketing, drop shipping, or something else.

But this is not just an online business blog!

We also want to show you what it’s like to move abroad as a couple, pare down on sentimental items, and communicate it all to our families.

Not to mention, we are VEGANs for health, ethical, and environmental reasons, and want to show you how awesome this lifestyle is! One of our favourite blog entries is Travelling with cancer, and we link how being VEGAN is similar to striving for financial independence.

We hope you follow us on our journey.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jessica & Martin @ Vegan Nomads