Getting German permanent residency - then giving it up!

  I went to pick up my Niederlassungserlaubnis last week, and only afterward did I realize that I will lose my permanent residency status if I leave Germany for more than 6-months. *sigh* I probably should have read this before going through the hassle of applying. Part of my application required me to take a B1 German test and pass it. It was a pain
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Do we want to be parents?

Martin and I have been discussing what our life goals are. Not just with slow-travelling, that’s easy talk. But what else do we see ourselves doing? It probably seems ridiculous, but we’re starting to look into possibly adopting a child or more. But let’s start with one first. By ‘starting to look’, I mean just that.
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Applying for permanent residency + I need to speak German!

Even though we’re leaving Germany soon, I’m still about to apply for my Niederlassungserlaubnis, aka unbefristete Aufenthaltserlaubnis, aka German permanent residency. Why? Because it’ll make things easier for us as a couple with different nationalities. Sometimes there are special visas that you can only apply for at your home/resident country. If we don’t share national residencies, we’ll
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