Income source is gone!

This week I overtrained and I can feel it. My body is TIRED. Even just for walking. I’ve never overtrained before, because I’ve never pushed myself physically before. I am also very out of shape, so overtraining comes easy! But I’m working on that. Life is GREAT here in Chiang Mai. I’m pretty much not
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Aiming for an early retirement and being VEGAN

I see being #VEGAN as very similar to aiming for early retirement. There are some powerful overlapping themes about freedom, health, enjoying a good life, and putting your beliefs into ACTION. Veganism and early retirement are also counter-culture movements that require consistency, awareness, and an air of not caring what others think of you – if
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Travelling with cancer

My Mom has asked me whether we’ve thought about health care and cancer scares while travelling. The answer is, of course! Our approach to our health is very hands on. We are not afraid of scary things like cancer, because it’s normal to have cancer cells in your body. What’s not normal is when your immune
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