German vs. American: Making promises

Germans tend to think that “Americans” (meaning anyone from North or South America) don’t always mean what they say.  I.e. we are unreliable or fake. Especially North Americans. A big example that Germans use is the “Hi, how are you?” example, because when we ask such a question, we aren’t reaaally interested in how someone is doing. We’re only interested
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Freelancing: Canada vs. Germany

Freelancing in Canada and freelancing in Germany are very different beasts. While I’ve just started freelancing in Germany this year, I freelanced in Canada for 2.5 years as a student. In both countries I operate(d) a sole proprietorship, which means I was working out of my own name. Tax numbers and other numbers Canada: Since
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How freelancing has changed our lives

8 months ago, I quit my full time job and decided to freelance. I was very nervous to quit, but needed a change because Martin and I were each commuting far distances in opposite directions. We were too stressed out and spending a small fortune on gas and train passes. The intent was that we would move close enough to Martin’s job
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