Our euro bike tour flop!

We just cancelled our Romania and Serbia trip. 🙁 Feeling sad because I really wanted to go, and we lost about 200 EUR for it too. Originally we planned to fly into Timisoara and cycle over to Tivat with a stop off in Belgrade along the way. Total distance was around 700km and we had
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Back to Germany!!!

We’re back in Germany now and have been for a week! Since we got here we haven’t taken a train at all and instead have ridden our bikes nearly 300 km to visit friends and family around NRW and Netherlands. It feels good to be back! Maybe I needed to leave Germany to appreciate it
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Since coming back to Chiang Mai (we were in Taiwan for 2.5 months, and then in southern Thailand for a few weeks), I’ve been inspired to be more physically active. There’s this beautiful mountain right in Chiang Mai city, called Doi Suthep. Most people take taxis or ride scooters up, but cyclists ride up for
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