How we're investing now

We’ve given up our house search for now. 🙁 A little sad about it but it just made sense to stay in Toronto, especially given our low cost of living and ability to earn income as bike couriers. As we were getting ready to use our house-money to buy index ETFs, the market tanked. That
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We're coasting to FI

Since moving back to Canada, things have been pretty smooth sailing financially. Of course it’s because we know people here like my parents who house us for free, and now my friend who also houses us for free. By ‘free’ I mean we don’t pay them money, but we help out in many tangible ways
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Our lifestyle is not sustainable

While we’re having a GREAT time in Asia, things aren’t going to plan on the income/cashflow front. We’re not FI yet, and at the moment we also have ZERO income. Eek! This is part by design, and part by circumstance. The original plan was that I would support us with my freelancing, and that we
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