Moving to the Netherlands with Luna

We’re leaning towards leaving Germany even sooner than planned. It’s getting harder for me to stick with the German freelancing rules, and it’s stressing me out. True that we still have our cutie foster dog Luna, who is our limiting factor for leaving. But here’s my new plan that also works well with her. Not living in Germany
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I sold my wedding dress!

When we leave Germany, we only plan to take 2 carry-on knapsacks and our bikes. But living like minimalists while keeping 99% of our belongings in storage, is not something we want to do. That would be minimalist-cheating! Since my wedding dress would fill up an entire knapsack without much utility, I recently sold it! I also sold my
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The burden of jewelry

I own 3 pieces of jewelry that hold some monetary value: one diamond solitaire ring, one opal solitaire ring, and a gold bracelet. The latter 2 being quite delicate. I’m not a jewelry person, and I definitely don’t plan on wearing these objects while travelling. Keeping them on my person is also not comfortable, as they could get
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