Do I want to live in Canada?

My friend whispered to me the other day to ask if my whole nomad plan is really just a ploy to move back to Canada. She knows I’ve been yearning to move back since I came to Germany. That has been partially true. When I first came here, I knew I didn’t want to stay long. Life
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Long-term travel is running away

Long-term travel or moving abroad can get a bad rep sometimes. Like the person doing it is actually running away from something instead of dealing with whatever it is that haunts them. But is running away a bad thing? Life is short, so if there’s something bothering you that can be solved by a change of scenery,
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I sold my wedding dress!

When we leave Germany, we only plan to take 2 carry-on knapsacks and our bikes. But living like minimalists while keeping 99% of our belongings in storage, is not something we want to do. That would be minimalist-cheating! Since my wedding dress would fill up an entire knapsack without much utility, I recently sold it! I also sold my
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