Vegan Nomads

Travelling with cancer

My Mom has asked me whether we’ve thought about health care and cancer scares while travelling. The answer is, of course! Our approach to our health is very hands on. We are not afraid of scary things like cancer, because it’s normal to have cancer cells in your body. What’s not normal is when your immune
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Speaking of taxes, is this a DATE?!?

This is going to be a different kind of entry. I’ve been learning a lot about taxes and how to efficiently run my freelancing business, and it’s been a big challenge for me. I was researching a tax issue and emailed a government department to ask some basic questions, and was very forthcoming about our
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Germany is not the place for me

Martin and I are reeealllly different. One of my friends described me as the ‘wind’ and Martin as the ‘mountain’. That’s exactly us! I’m everywhere while Martin prefers to stay put. Coincidentally, I’m also a Libra (air sign) while Martin is a Capricorn (earth sign). So a few weeks ago, we had ‘the talk’. I basically
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