How we’re investing now


We’ve given up our house search for now. 🙁

A little sad about it but it just made sense to stay in Toronto, especially given our low cost of living and ability to earn income as bike couriers.

As we were getting ready to use our house-money to buy index ETFs, the market tanked. That meant everything went on sale!

We don’t usually try to time to market or dollar cost average, so this was a very coincidental and timely occurrence. We happily loaded most of our CADs into index ETFs, and will purchase more over these next months due to a tax issue. But that’s that for now!

Much easier to invest in ETFs than buying property.

Risk and volatility

We’re also getting into active investing. Or I should say, Martin is!

This is really cool to me because even just a few weeks ago, he wasn’t interested at all.

By at all, I mean AT ALL.

I had been handling 100% of our investments for the past 3 years, with almost no input from him.

Now suddenly he is getting reeeally into it, learning how to read charts, making floating stop orders, other stuff that he’s explained to me that I forgot etc…

I love it!!!

He’s getting into riskier and more volatile territory too.

We now own stock in one Canadian weed company (WEED.TO) as well as our first ever cryptocurrency purchases (BTC, BTH, LTC, ETH).

All of this is just a small portion of our net worth, but we are really excited to get into it and learn!

Depending on how our crypto journey goes, we may consider converting a bigger portion of our net worth (not more than 2%) in a buy and hold strategy, similar to what we do with our ETFs.

But that’s for later and we have to see how we feel about it first.

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