House sitting in Toronto


I’m writing to you from our second house sitting gig, which happens to be in my home city of Toronto!

Our first house sitting gig was last year at our friend’s grandparents’ flat in Darmstadt, where we stayed for 3 weeks.

This second one is much different as we’re looking after a whole house in the middle of a real Canadian winter! (i.e. some work involved)

The house is similar to the one pictured above, and owned by my friend who sometimes lives in Toronto but mostly lives and works abroad.

She is so relieved that we’ve agreed to house sit, and we are so happy to have our own space again!

My friend’s house is also gorgeous! She’s done an amazing job renovating and decorating. It’s a 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bath townhouse located in the east end of Toronto.

She could fetch at least $5,000 per month renting it out on the short term market, but she prefers to let us live in it for FREE, so who are we to complain?! :mrgreen:

This house is very convenient for Martin and I. It’s near my parents’ house but is closer to downtown, which is great for our new careers as bike couriers!

We love living here!! We do look after the house a lot, because that’s our job and we take it seriously. But other than that, it’s reeeaallly nice and easy having a house to ourselves that we don’t have to pay for!

We are especially thrilled because we decided to stay in Toronto, even before my friend offered her house to us.

House sitting for my friend has made our lives (and my friends’ life) so much more comfortable. She doesn’t worry about her house and we don’t have to live with my parents (not that it was terrible, but you know how it is! 😉 )

It’s also helping us with our FIRE strategy, which we are tweaking and which I will write about soon. 😀

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