Good bye 2017, Happy 2018!

Happy New Year!!

A quick recap of our 2017.

We were nomads for the first 9 months of 2017 and then ended up living in Toronto. Our main goal of 2017 was to cycle, and cycle we did! We cycled in 7 countries in total: Thailand, Taiwan, Germany, Netherlands, Montenegro, Croatia, and Canada!

Here are some stats from our big year of cycling (the most we’ve ever cycled in a year – or for me, in total!): 7,000+ km for me and 10,000+ km for Martin!

veloviewer 2017 Jessica

veloviewer 2017 Martin

Our 2018 will look a lot different from our 2017, and we’re excited about that. :mrgreen:

Instead of nomad-ing around, we’ll be settling ourselves in Canada while we work through the lengthy process of immigration. We will continue to cycle and build our networth (also through cycling, since we get paid to cycle as bike couriers!). We hope to buy a house soon, and generate a stream of income from that too.

Feeling very good, clear-headed, happy, and grateful.

Don’t forget to have a Happy Veganuary!!

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