How much we made in our 1st month as bike couriers


It’s been exactly one month since we signed up to be bike couriers, and the verdict is that we kinda love it!!

Our goal was first to just try it out and see, then when we started getting the hang of it, we made a goal to earn $500 ($250 each) per month to offset our lifestyle costs like phone plans, food and entertainment.

So how much did we make?

We ended up earning $994 this month!!

Martin earned the majority of it with $880, and I made $114. 😀

Yes I know I’m behind my $250 goal, so I’ll try harder in December (*gulp*).

It’s been quite FUN for the both of us, and we’re very happy to be bike couriers.

Getting paid to cycle – our strategies

I still can’t believe we’re getting paid to CYCLE! How awesome is that?

We both have different strategies that work for us.

Martin chooses to work the downtown core because there is LOTS of activity and easy to constantly get jobs during the lunch and dinner rushes. It keeps him busy and he can do more work in a day than I’ve done this entire month!! He’s fast. He’s basically like a seasoned bike courier already though he just started!

I prefer to stay in the east end, because even though it’s way less busy and there are HILLS (i.e. slows me down, but gives me a good work out!), I like the feeling of actually cycling and not stopping all the time to fuss with the app and my bike lock. I’m slower so in the end, I earn the same or more as an hourly rate in the east end as I do downtown, because I don’t have to factor in commuting times since we already live here! Plus I have more fun in the east, which will be what keeps me going.

Investing our bike courier earnings

I know I said we earn to pay our expenses, but in the spirit of paying ourselves first, we decided to invest our bike earnings immediately!

Yesterday we celebrated by buying $1000 worth of VCN (Vanguard FTSE All Cap Canada) ETF, and will continue to buy them every month with our bike money. :mrgreen:

Even though we are low income earners now, it doesn’t mean we can’t build our net worth and eventually retire early!

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