Do I need to make money and how much?


I’ve been asking myself this question lately, because things are so much in flux now.

In a good way though.

We have moved to Canada and have been here for almost 1 month!

It’s been a lot of work chasing papers for Martin’s immigration, interspersed with short visits to a smaller city 400km away from where we live, where we’re actively looking for investment properties.

Still haven’t bought a house yet, and still haven’t applied for Martin’s PR. But it’s all a work in progress and we are actually making progress.

I wrote that I had given up freelancing, probably many times now, but I’m still figuring out what I should do about it because I still get asked to work on projects and I still hesitantly say yes.

By ‘freelancing’ I mean my former job turned freelancing, and my former company that I worked for turned my biggest client.

I have a love-hate relationship with freelancing for my former employer, because while I liked my job as an employee, I don’t really love it as a freelancer except that I can make more money for working less hours.

That sounds great, but the job itself kinda sucks. I had put up with it because my colleagues are really fun (still friends!), and it was nice to go into an office and have some social life since I was feeling isolated and sad about living in Germany. The job helped me a lot.

But once I quit and gave up seeing my work mates at the office everyday, and stopped being isolated/depressed (because I moved out of Germany), I was only left with the job itself. Which admittedly is my least favourite part.

So it’s really hard to do when I dislike it so much. But even when I tell them ‘thanks but no thanks’, they come back to me because there is work to be done and I guess they are a bit desperate too.

The question is, how desperate am I?

I do actually need to make money. Though I’m not sure my former job is the way to go about making that money.

To give myself some choice, I FINALLY signed up to be a bike courier in Toronto, which is also freelancing!!! Proof is below even though I’m not actually doing a shift, just cycling home from signing up. I had to wait for my police check to clear and now that it has, I will be zipping around downtown Toronto making deliveries by bike very soon.

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You can imagine that bike courier work is much lower paid than freelancing for STEM companies. But yet, I have a nervous-excited feeling about being a bike courier, AND I love that I’ll get paid to cycle which I currently do for FREE.

Some people in our lives are horrified that we’ve chosen bike courier-ing, which is really sad to me. Because why does it matter what we do for work? Why should people who work ‘shit jobs’ be looked down upon or be embarrassed about working those jobs?!

I guess they are worried that we are throwing our careers down the drain. Or that we could be doing ‘so much more’.

Though we don’t see it that way at all!

Soon we’ll get paid to get FIT, get to know the city (for Martin), and encounter lots of different people daily. It’s a flexible job that we can pick up when we want, and give ourselves days off when we want. If we get a ‘real job’, we could still do courier work on the side after work, which a lot of people do.

Plus, what I really like is that we can travel to other cities like Montreal and pick up bike courier shifts there too! If it weren’t such a busy time in our lives, I would do that. But for now we need to stay put a bit.


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    More power to you Jessica! Do what you like. I think life is too short to worry about what other would think. I hope you and martin soon find a Real estate deal. This will inspire younger folks like me to take up a similiar risk 😉 on RE side.

    Also an update: So I will be moving away from Munich to Klagenfurt, Austria to join an exciting startup. So, I have got this same “nervous-excited feeling”. In fact, I have been using the exact work for the past few days 😉 😉

    One question though. Are you not worried (maybe slightly?) that your previous (also current) employer read this and comes to know how much you hate the job?

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      Congrats on the new job in Klagenfurt!! Best of luck to you.

      I’m not so worried about my employer finding out what I really think about the job. It’s not really a secret, lol. It will only result in me not landing projects which is totally fine with me. 🙂

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