Getting offered our ‘dream job’ in Croatia!


We’re currently in Mlini, Croatia, which is 10km away from the popular and touristy Dubrovnik area.

Hotels here are pricey, but we managed to find one that suited all our needs:

  • sleeps 3 (we were hosting a friend who visited us for 5 days)
  • fits our bikes
  • has a kitchen

What we didn’t expect but is really really fantastic, are the 2 balconies, high ceilings, sea AND mountain views, the fruit trees on the property, cute cats who visit us, and a 5 minute walk to a beautiful beach. :mrgreen:

All this for 25€ per night, normally it would be at least double that in Dubrovnik – what a steal!!

We are really happy here!


On our second day in Mlini, the owner of the hotel offered us a job!

He’s a 66 year old man who has health problems but runs the place entirely by himself because he can’t find good help.

He ranted a bit about how no one in Croatia and Bosnia wants to work because they have a communist mindset. That’s why he’s looking for younger partners to help him out.

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What he wants is for us to run his small hotel. That involves dealing with guests pre-arrival, checking them in/out, cleaning their rooms, fixing stuff, and registering them for the Croatian tourist tax. In exchange he would profit share with us 30%, and offer us a heavily discounted house to live in.

At first we were like no thanks, we’re going to Canada!

But just for fun, we called our airline to see if it was possible to re-book our flights. It was possible, but with high fees to switch.

We decided to spend a few days to consider it, because a gig like this is something we’ve been looking for for this entire year of nomadic living.

Who knew we would find it in the last week of our adventure!

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We haven’t been actively seeking it out, but our eyes have been open to find a place to live for free in exchange for labour, plus earning a bit of cash to pay our food. We imagined this would be working on a fruit farm (hard to find since we’re normally in the cities), or a small hotel like this one!

If we could land such a gig, we wouldn’t need to touch our savings so could put more into investments and let it do its thing! Meanwhile, we’d still be living well and trying out new things.

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Anyway, long story short, we turned it down yesterday. 🙁

Though it sounds pretty sweet, it’s also low season here in Croatia so there are literally no other guests here after we leave. Which means the owner can’t profit share with us since there is no work to do, so we’d have to pay him rent.

The whole point of us staying was to learn what it’s like to run a vacation rental, because that’s maybe what we plan to do in Canada. Without being able to gain that valuable experience, we’re not interested in such an offer at this point in our nomadic journey.

Plus I really want to be back in Canada for the winter months because that’s supposedly when the real estate market slows. In case there’s a deal that pops up, we need to move on it quickly.

Hanging out in Croatia is really a dream and a half, but we have plans in cold cold Canada!

We will definitely come back to Croatia one day, maybe even to live. We really love the Balkans!

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