Freelancing and income revisited


While I no longer make a livable wage from freelancing, I do take on the occasional ‘fun’ job to keep up the contact. This was pretty much nixing our income, but it was a decision I made shortly after we moved to Thailand.

I don’t regret it.

I thought things would just trickle out, and it did for a while, but now my clients are asking me to take on more work!

They are asking me at a time where I really could use the income, since Martin and I are about to go through Canadian immigration and I personally, need to have a job in order to sponsor him over (there are other ways around this, but having a job is the strongest).

So I’m really trying to do some quick soul searching here so I can decide what I want/need to do/what is best for us, and answer my clients’ email.

I lean towards a thanks but no thanks type of answer.

Which is pretty crazy right? I need the income and I earn in EUR and we’re about to move to super expensive Toronto!!!

Even though I’m really really grateful to be able to have the opportunity to freelance, I just feel like I can’t be bothered anymore.

Looking to the future

When using a retirement calculator, it shows we’ll have at least $1 Million when we’re 60 even if we don’t contribute another cent to our investments.

While a million is not THAT much to last us until we’re 100+, we’re also quite flexible with how and where we live, plus at ages 60 we’ll be able to draw pensions from both Canada and Germany – if there’s any money left in the system!

Of course, we’re a few decades away from being 60, so need to survive until then. We also plan to to continue building up our networth so that we can have more than $1 Million at 60.

It’s just nice to project the numbers because it helps take off some pressure and gives us other options should we choose to take them.

How can we earn money?

For us, the answer is not to go back into stressful corporate jobs.

I mean, so long as we can help it.

We can do something more enterprising like trying to build an e-commerce business, and living with my parents until we get it off the ground (they don’t mind, but maybe we do, lol!).

Or buy a duplex or triplex, live in one unit and live off of the cash flow.

I feel like the default way is to always fall back into a job, which is a habit I don’t want to fall into.

Maybe I can’t fall into it anymore, since I fell out of it already and there’s nothing really compelling enough for me to go back.

At the moment, we both lean towards doing the duplex/triplex thing, and then finding easy part-time jobs (bike shop, tutoring, etc…) to satisfy Canadian immigration.

Ending freelancing?

Maybe. I still don’t mind taking on occasional projects, but I feel like if I turn down these bigger projects, they will just assume I’m not interested anymore. Especially for my biggest client who requires a lot of upkeep even when I’m not on project.

I know I can’t have it all, but to be honest, I don’t feel like I’m losing much, if anything, by really stopping the freelance work.


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    Again a cross roads. But, again I know you will choose the right one. Somehow, from what I know about you from the posts, I think you and Martian will be much more happier/satisified with the eCommerce thingy/Duplex thingy.

    All the best for whichever you pick 🙂 !


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      hehe, does it really come across here that we don’t like to work? 😛
      It was nice having stable jobs in Germany but you’re right, our happiness level increased when we stopped working and started doing our own thing! Now it’s hard to go back, so we’re trying everything in our power not to. But we’re also flexible and realistic, so if we had to find jobs again we would. 🙂

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