How cycling in Montenegro saves us money


We’re in Montenegro!

Flew into Podgorica, the capital, and took a 90 EUR taxi over to our Airbnb in Tivat. 😕

We’ll be staying in Tivat for a month, and then spend 10 days in Dubrovnik before flying to my hometown Toronto. :mrgreen:

Travelling with bikes can be a drag. Our transportation costs go way up when we factor in the bikes, both for air and land travel (unless we cycle!).

In the same breath, we are SO happy to have our bikes with us here!!

This is a stunning place to ride with the Adriatic Sea and the mountains right up in our faces.

We’ve already discovered a mountain path that starts 300m from our doorstep! It’s a quiet road that connects Tivat to Kotor, and is quiet because it goes up into the mountains versus the busier road that goes through the tunnel. Perfect for us since we love to climb and get sweaty.

Even though it can be costly to bring our bikes along, it probably ends up saving us money. Because cycling is the thing we do to get fit and to explore, so we reject all of the touristy things that others do that cost extra:

  • No guided tours or excursions. We go on our own with our bikes and take the path less known (by tourists!).
  • No fancy dinners and drinks. We are high carb vegans and eating oily restaurant food + alcohol will make our next days’ ride really un-fun (plus we can’t get full on such small portions!).
  • No shopping. Unless it’s for groceries! Grocery shopping is awesome here, even cheaper than Germany (didn’t think that was possible!).
  • No souvenirs. We can’t fit anything extra into our panniers, but we are on the lookout for postcards for our Grandmas. 😀
  • No going to the gym or yoga classes. We cycle instead!
  • No caring about how we look. Yeah we aren’t the most polished looking people around, but we don’t care!! 😉
  • No FOMO. Again, we’re cycling in the mountains next to the Adriatic Sea. It’s nothing short of ahhh-mazingggg!

Basically, we feel like we are really living it up even though we don’t spend much money. One of our biggest splurges (asides from bringing our bikes) is buying a large watermelon every other day for 8 EUR. We each eat a quarter of the watermelon for breakfast, so it comes out to be 4 EUR a day (2 EUR per person) for the best watermelon we’ve ever eaten!!!

Another big luxury that doesn’t cost us money is foraging for figs! Which is just a fancy way of saying we find figs on the ground and eat them. Sounds gross but they are SOOOOOOOOOO good you can’t not eat them.

We weren’t expecting to love it here so much. It’s turning out to be a very fun trip and we feel right at home!!









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