Country life: Living with my in laws

Martin and I have been spending some serious time living at his parents’ house in rural, north east Germany.

We spend our days living what I call an ‘idyllic country life’, but what Martin just calls ‘normal’. :mrgreen:

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That includes feeding the geese, ducks, and chickens (and making sure they’re tucked in at night), mowing the lawns, raking the fallen apples, painting outdoor furniture, weeding the potato crops (hard work!), harvesting and foraging for food, cooking, rounding up the cats, and just generally being helpful to my in laws as they have a massive land and work around the clock to keep it up despite also working full time jobs in other cities/towns.

My in laws are the hardest working people I know, and I have a new found respect for them.

We’re all having a good time living together, I think! At least Martin and I are enjoying it and it’s probably safe to say my in laws are happy about it too. They invited us afterall! 😛

This experience has gotten us thinking about our future and where we should live.

Should we stay living in the countryside?

It’s been so nice living here that we’re strongly considering buying an acreage in Canada and living there!! (or maybe taking over my in laws’ property one day, but not in a morbid way!)

I looked and we could buy a house with land in rural Canada, about the size of my in laws’ property (or even a lot more), in cash.

It can get very rural in Canada though, which is different from any rural area in central Europe!

This is an example of a house we can afford on a few acres of property in rural Canada:

NB house

Looks a little lopsided though! 😕


Of course there are other high expenses to living away from the city. The one that bothers me the most is needing reliable, maybe even 4 wheel drive cars. I’m not one to say we need a car when we actually don’t. I don’t think most people living in the city should have a car (get a bike!), but when you live out in rural Canada, you’ll NEED a car unless you were able to grow your own food in warmer months, and save/preserve enough of it to be able to survive the long winter.

I hate owning a car. It literally feels like throwing money out the window and we are so happy to be car less these days! We are cheating a bit because we do have access to my in laws’ vehicles should we really need it. But so far we just ride our bikes the 10K each way to buy groceries, or the 30K each way to visit our Oma and Great Aunt. Or we hitch a ride when they are going into town (which is often).

It is really fun to think about whether we could hack living out in the country or not!

Martin already knows he can, but he’s not sure about me. We have to explore this idea some more. First we have to live in the city because my parents live in the city, but also to settle ourselves a bit with getting jobs and waiting for the government to call Martin in for PR stuff. Better to do that in the city because presumably it’s easier to get around and to find work, which hopefully means a better chance of immigrating to another country when we both have jobs.

This country life though, I’m quite enjoying it and don’t really want to leave! :mrgreen:

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