Our euro bike tour flop!

We just cancelled our Romania and Serbia trip. πŸ™

Feeling sad because I really wanted to go, and we lost about 200 EUR for it too.

Originally we planned to fly into Timisoara and cycle over to Tivat with a stop off in Belgrade along the way. Total distance was around 700km and we had 2 weeks to do it.

balkans map

The thing is, we’re tired of bike touring and realized we’re more recreational cyclists rather than tourers.

Or at least at the moment.

Bike tourers have more packs than us and bring camping gear. Usually they have a bike that looks like this:

bike tourer

Two packs in the back, and 3 in front. Sometimes they even have packs within their frames.

We have only 3 rear packs between 2 of us, and no camping gear. One whole pack is filled with bulky-heavy things like immigration documents for Canada (cuz we are moving to Canada soon!) and wedding clothes for my best friends’ wedding in Montenegro. That leaves us with 2 packs for essential bike touring stuff, which includes carrying food.

Even though we’re minimalists and carry most of our worldly posessions on our bodies, it’s not enough space!

We tried the bike touring thing in Germany and it annoyed us. So we tried to take the train across the country (with our bikes), but due to ‘Unwetter’ (bad weather) we couldn’t get far. Then we rented a car and drove us and our bikes to my in laws place. Where we are now, relaxing. πŸ™‚

So much for the bike tour in Europe!

But it’s part of realizing what we like and what we don’t like. We prefer to have a stable base, and just take off on the bike without having to pack our whole lives for every ride.

Our bikes are not touring bikes either. They are light weight cyclocross bikes meant for speed and agility. Which mirrors how we like to ride!

So though I am sad to miss out on Romania and Serbia, I also feel relieved because it’s just less stress for us. We have too much going on at the moment with the Montenegro wedding and moving to Canada. So now is not the best time to go on long bike adventures.

There’s this awesome network of bike lanes throughout Europe called eurovelo. Each route is numbered and we plan to use this network one day to go on a REAL euro bike tour. But that will be when we’re more equipped physically and mentally to take it on.

Since we cancelled our Romania and Serbia trip, we’ll be staying with my in laws for another 2 weeks and then flying directly to Montenegro. Our total time living with my in laws will be 2 months!

I didn’t think I would like living in rural north east Germany for so long. But I kinda fell in love with it! By rural I mean we see wild deer and other animals every time we go for a walk. And there’s supposedly a bus that goes through the village but I’ve never seen or heard it once, and if it does come, it comes less than once a day!!

I’m not sure if I love it because we’re only visiting, so it’s a novelty. But I do really appreciate this lifestyle of growing your own food, foraging your own food, and seeing the starry skies at night. All things I can’t do easily in the city.

We have one more month left here before we leave for Tivat. So I’m going to enjoy countryside living as much as possible! Then we’ll be in Montenegro for the month, slowly exploring the surroundings by bike. 😎


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    Love the bike route map. Didn’t know about it..
    Hope you’ll come to Romania at some point. You know where you’ll find us…

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    As my favourite band Coldplay once said,
    “If you never try, you will never know, just what to you want ….” πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› !

    Glad that you are enjoying the trip. Safe and happy travelling!

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      Thank you Adi! Are you using your full name now or do you want me to edit it out? πŸ˜›

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    That’s a shame, I was just about to e-mail you to see if there was any way we could meet up while you were in Romania and Serbia. Enjoy relaxing and going to the wedding. Good luck for moving to Canada!

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      It’s really too bad Mrs. W! You are all welcomed to come visit us in Canada in 2018. Hopefully we’ll be settled by then. πŸ˜€

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