Our first house sitting gig


We’re currently house sitting in Darmstadt, Germany!

For a month we’re be staying in a 2-bedroom flat in central Darmstadt, just steps away from Luisenplatz.

Darmstadt is a small city with a population 149K, south of Frankfurt. We actually cycled to Frankfurt the other day, just to hang out.

How did we get this gig?

Purely by fluke.

A new friend we met in Chiang Mai asked her grandparents if we could stay at their place when they go away for the summer. The grandparents said yes and our friend asked us if we wanted to stay here.

Umm let’s think about it…

JA BITTE!!!! (aka HELL YA!!!)

This is GOLD for a couple of homeless, bike touring vagabonds in Germany. 😀

Previously we were crashing with friends and family for 1-3 days each, biking a total of 500K to see everyone in a short time frame.

Now we get to RELAX in our own space and have our own privacy. 🙂

There are no rules for us to stay here, but naturally we chip in with helpful duties like collecting the mail, watering the plants, sweeping the balcony, and cleaning up after ourselves.

We’ll try to pay for utilities though, because we don’t want our stay to cost our friend’s grandparents anything.

It’s fantastic that our only other expense right now is FOOD, and that we have access to a kitchen to cook and prepare cheap healthy meals everyday.

I get why lots of nomads travel from housesit to housesit. It’s a sweet deal. We’ve never tried to seek one out but maybe we’ll look into it for future travels to Europe and North America now that we’re experienced house sitters!

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