Love and Hate: Nomadic living


When we were in Chiang Mai, we met many other vegan nomads who do what we do too! Some travel all around to explore the world, while others plant themselves in Thailand and do border runs every 60 days.

While nomadic living can be very cool, there are definitely pros and cons to the lifestyle. I’m still deciding whether I prefer nomadic living to having a stable base and travelling from there.

Anyway, here is my love and hate list!


It’s very exciting! Everywhere you go is a novelty. Even entering a new train station and buying tickets to some far off destination is special.

I loved immersing myself in another culture, eating their foods, learning their language, and just soaking up all I could.

We would eat out almost everyday.

In Chiang Mai, we would go to our nearest Jay (Buddhist vegan) restaurant called Sangwiroon and pay 30B for rice and 2 different curries. It would take us 2 portions each to get full, so our lunch per person was 60B or 1.60 EUR each. This is for AWESOME food and supporting a local, family run vegan establishment.

Food was one of the best parts to being nomadic, because we sampled so many beautiful local dishes and fruits.

Living nomadically also felt very FREE.

We didn’t have to stay if we didn’t want to, and most of the places we visited had a lower cost of living than what we were used to (except Hong Kong and Taipei).

When we were staying in Chiang Mai, it was financially very easy for us. When we were staying in Taipei for a month, it was on the pricey side but also manageable because we weren’t also paying for rent ‘back home’.


Hate is a strong word so this is more my dislike list!

Being always on the go is very physically and mentally taxing. Unless you have residency, most countries make tourists leave or apply for visa extensions every 30 to 60 days. That means you are always aware of time passing and need to constantly plan.

You start to miss things like a bath mat or kitchen countertop space!

Since I was freelancing, it was hard to settle in and concentrate. I learned that it was really really really hard to run a freelancing business while travelling.

This caused a lot of stress for me, and I’m not sure if that’s the reason why I stopped freelancing, or if I just don’t like the type of work that I did. I think it’s both!

Sometimes it feels like all we do is SPEND MONEY. Money keeps DRAINING from our accounts to pay for travel, visas, food, accommodations, etc… Depending on where we are, this can be okay. But for 2 people who are seeking to FIRE but are not yet there, it’s a HUGE BLOW.

Oh, and since we are cyclists and travel with bikes, that can be a PITA to pack onto planes, trains, etc…


Overall, we really like the nomadic lifestyle. Our goal for when we settle in Canada is to keep expenses low enough that we can afford to go on longer trips. How that looks is yet to be determined, but we’re excited to figure it out!

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