Back to Germany!!!

We’re back in Germany now and have been for a week!

Since we got here we haven’t taken a train at all and instead have ridden our bikes nearly 300 km to visit friends and family around NRW and Netherlands.

It feels good to be back!

Maybe I needed to leave Germany to appreciate it more. 🙂

But I also know that we’re only visiting, and it’s a different story when you actually live here.

I’m fine with that.

So far we have only paid for 1 night’s hotel stay in Cologne, which was right after our long flight from BKK. We were supposed to stay with friends in Dusseldorf but it was late, we were dead tired, and there was some kind of late-train drama going on. So we cycled to a nearby hotel at midnight and crashed, then the next morning had an enjoyable ride along the Rhine to our friend’s place in Dusseldorf.

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It’s been really great riding around. The bike lanes are amazing and this was something I knew I would miss about Germany and Netherlands. Our ride to my sister in law’s place was 105K and I swear, we rode at least 90K of that distance on these dedicated bike lanes.

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So spoiled!!

And tomorrow we are visiting Luna, our former foster dog who we looked after for 9 months last year!! OMG it was such a drama finding her a good home, but we did it and apparently both Luna and human are doing fantastically well. Can’t wait to see them and catch up! 😀


After we tear ourselves away from Luna, we’ll be staying our very first night with someone we found on Warm Showers! We’re really excited about it and will try to tap into this cyclist community as much as we can. I mean, free place to stay with the chance to connect with other cyclists!! Pretty neat stuff.

As much as we are crashing with others, I can’t say we are being very spendthrift. 🙁 Sometimes I think we would save more money if we paid to stay at an Airbnb for a week or 2. Then we could settle in a bit and cook our own food, and invite people over. Instead of always being on the go and feeling pressured/wanting to go out to eat with hosts and friends.

But maybe it’s just because we’re in an area where we know lots of people, and also happen to be on a tight schedule to see everyone and attend bday dinners, etc…

Once we leave NRW next week, we’ll be housesitting for our friends’ Grandparents in Darmstadt for 2 solid weeks. Asides from our friend (who is also a frugal vegan cyclist – we met her in Chiang Mai!), we don’t know anyone in Darmstadt so won’t feel the need to spend for entertainment. It will be so calm.

Anyway, asides from needing to get our spending in check (we’ve seriously spent A LOT this week), we are happy to be back in Germany and excited to finally explore this country by bike!


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