June 2017

On Dating Gold Diggers

A few of my girlfriends are single and looking for a partner. Since I haven’t dated anyone (asides my husband!) for a LONG ASS TIME, I get to live vicariously through my girlfriends in their dating escapades. I even sometimes chat with the guys pretending to be my gf, but ONLY because my gf’s let
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Our first house sitting gig

We’re currently house sitting in Darmstadt, Germany! For a month we’re be staying in a 2-bedroom flat in central Darmstadt, just steps away from Luisenplatz. Darmstadt is a small city with a population 149K, south of Frankfurt. We actually cycled to Frankfurt the other day, just to hang out. How did we get this gig?
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Back to Germany!!!

We’re back in Germany now and have been for a week! Since we got here we haven’t taken a train at all and instead have ridden our bikes nearly 300 km to visit friends and family around NRW and Netherlands. It feels good to be back! Maybe I needed to leave Germany to appreciate it
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