Travel plans for the next 5 months

When I think about our networth, I see it as a separate entity. Like a friend of ours who helps us design the life we want.

Therefore I want to treat our networth with respect. I want to protect it, to help it grow and not deplete its reserves.

There are a few options Martin and I came up with to grow our networth without going back to working corporate jobs.

We narrowed it down to continuing what we’re doing for 1 full year, and then will settle down somewhere to earn income.

But first, some fun stuff since we still have 5 more months left of travelling. This is how we’ll split the time without spending much money.

2.5 months cycling Germany

It doesn’t feel like it, but we’re actually going back to Germany in 2 weeks!

Not to live, but to cycle across the country from west to east. We’ll mostly be staying with family and friends, but will also try WarmShowers along the way.

WarmShowers is a couch surfing community but specifically for cyclists, which is not only great for us to crash somewhere for free, but also to meet other cyclists to find the best routes!

Cycling in Germany will be a real treat after going through the busiest traffic we’ve ever experienced in Asia! We’ve braved the streets of Bangkok and Taipei on bicycles, so we’re totally craving these wide, separated bike lanes of Germany.

I also miss drinking tap water in Germany, which is probably the best tap water in the world. Never will I take drinkable and accessible water for granted again, it’s precious life force!!!

2 months cycling the Balkans


My best friend is getting married in this^^ church in Montenegro, which is actually the main reason we’re heading back to Europe.

At first I dreaded it, because I’m NOT a wedding person and they just take up so much time, effort, and money. Which to me isn’t really worth it. Martin and I eloped and then went on lots of honeymoons, so it shows where our priorities lay! πŸ˜€

But my best friend means a lot to me and she really wanted me to attend, even to the point of paying our way (we declined). At first I was only planning to fly in and out of Montenegro for the wedding, but then I saw the FIWE 2017 hosted by the W’s in Timisoara, Romania, and decided to look into it. (if you’re in Europe, definitely go!)

Timisoara is only 700K away from Montenegro’s coast where the wedding will be! We can totally bike that distance and make it into a bike tour! :mrgreen:

Unfortunately FIWE 2017 conflicts with the wedding days, so we can’t attend FIWE. But FIWE put Timisoara on the radar for me and it turns out that flights from most German airports to Timisoara are CHEAP AS.

Like 10-13 EUR with Ryanair! MUCH cheaper than flying to Montenegro, though our bikes are an extra 60 EUR each, it’s still quite reasonable. Thanks W’s!

We’re really excited about the Balkans bike tour and soaking up this incredibly beautiful region. Who knows, maybe we’ll fall in love with it enough to live there one day. πŸ˜€

Working in Canada’s service sector?


October will be our 1 year mark for having left ‘normal’ life to travel and get fit. Real life will set back in and we’ve decided to do that in Canada, but with a twist!

Martin has already applied and gotten approved for a Working Holiday Visa for Canada. It will last for a year, and after that, hopefully his permanent residency will come through so there are no gaps. The PR takes a long time, so we’ll have to file soon after we arrive in Canada.

The twist will be that we don’t plan to go back to our former industries, but instead, to become bike couriers!

This way, we will get paid to cycle and maintain our fitness, which is pretty awesome when you think about it!!

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So far, NO ONE (except other cyclists!) thinks this is a good idea. They literally think we are joking because apparently bike courier work is low level work and not respected.

Martin and I are both grad school educated in the applied sciences, so I guess that means we’re supposed to sit in an office for 60 hours a week staring at a computer, instead of being out and about getting toned asses.

Guess which one we prefer?!? πŸ˜€

Tradeoffs to living in Canada


The plan is to either do bike courier work in Toronto where my parents live, or just chill out with them for a few months before moving to another city to do bike courier work. I’ve always wanted to live in another Canadian city, so I’m looking forward to it.

What I’m not looking forward to is the cold winter and lack of tropical fruit, but it’s a trade off we’re making to replenish the networth, settle down a little bit, and gain PR for Martin so we can have a common residency. Also it’s been 4 years since I’ve been in Canada last, and 7 years that I’ve been living abroad.

Time flies, but we’re so grateful we’re in this position to carve out the life we want for ourselves.

We could have had a bigger networth had we stayed in Germany working all this time, but then I doubt our life would be shaping out this way.


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    Hey! I’m not going to give up dreaming of founding a badass digital nomad/FIRE community in Romania. So hey, you’re welcome to be the first people besides US! I’m sure you can rent one of the neighbouring houses for 100€ or less a month. Literally both of our direct neighbour houses are empty…
    Enjoy yur balcans trip!

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      A whole house for 100 EUR or less per month? Sign us up!!! Hehe, we’re really looking forward to seeing Timisoara and the surroundings when we ride to the Serbian border. πŸ˜€ I have a strong suspicion that we will really fall in love with it. It doesn’t hurt that Romania has the fastest internet in the world (or something like that!). Will see you and Mrs. W there one day! Just too bad it won’t be this time around (my fault though!). πŸ˜€

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    Guys we are in LOVE with this blog and can relate to everything you have written. We are just 7 week into our journey to live a nomadic life and are currently in SE Asia. We also consider ourselves semi retired, are married and the majority our friends all think we have “lost the plot” giving up our jobs, house etc to live this lifestyle. But like you both we have never felt happier, more free or alive. Looking forward to reading more posts and following your journey. Keep up the good work! Sarah and Chris

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      Hey Sarah and Chris, just seeing your comment now! I hope you’re enjoying your time in SE Asia. We’re back in Europe for now but definitely miss the food and culture of SE Asia! Do you 2 have a blog? Would love to follow along if you do!

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