Income source is gone!

This week I overtrained and I can feel it.

My body is TIRED. Even just for walking.

I’ve never overtrained before, because I’ve never pushed myself physically before.

I am also very out of shape, so overtraining comes easy! But I’m working on that. :mrgreen:

Life is GREAT here in Chiang Mai.

I’m pretty much not blogging anymore, because I’m barely inside. This is exactly the lifestyle I wanted, and I’m so grateful for it.

There are some big changes here though!

I’ve decided to stop freelancing, or at least do it only occassionally.

Martin is fine with this, and I do feel bad that I “lured” him into quitting his job, with the promise that I’d support us financially, only to reneg and decide I don’t want to do it anymore!!

It’s not that I don’t want to support us financially, I am still fine to carry the bulk of it. But I just don’t feel like doing THAT KIND of work anymore. Maybe I am burnt out from working too much in Germany, and now that I’m here, living very simply but with a HIGH quality of life, I no longer see the point in doing something I *really* don’t want to do, in order to earn money.

So actually, it was not worth it for me to open a HK Ltd business, since I’m pretty much ceasing 99% of work.

But we can use the business to run other projects through, it need not only be for my freelancing gigs.

I’m looking forward to discovering other ways to support ourselves financially. While we’re living in Chiang Mai, the pressure is off because it’s affordable to us and we could retire here if we were 50 (we’re not!).

But our plan wasn’t to stay in Chiang Mai forever *sniff*, and this summer we’ll be returning to Germany and Canada for extended periods. Especially for living in Canada, we’ll need to figure something out because cost of living is high.

We have from now until Summer 2017 to figure something out. Preferably something more passive so that we don’t have to re-enter the corporate world. *shudder*

My goal is for us to earn 1000 EUR a month in passive income from online projects.

For other digital nomads, this is considered a low goal. But it’s a goal that seems equally daunting yet reachable at the same time.

We’re not trying to strike it rich here, we’re just trying to cover our costs so we can continue to travel without touching the networth. It’s a good starter goal, in my opinion.


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    Remember that you can visit the U.S. for the cost of vegetables!

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        maybe I can pick you up in Toronto. I want to visit the art museum there anyway. 😉

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          Okay, but don’t need to pick us up. We are toying with the idea of buying a car and then will drive to you.

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