Why you should semi-retire before you fully retire


When Martin and I were working full-time, we were on track to retire by age 40.

Secretly I wanted to retire way earlier than that, but since I’m the more “hardcore” early retirer and Martin is just trying to understand his crazy wife (!), I figured it would be less stark to make a 7 year plan rather than a 2-3 year plan.

I couldn’t wrap my head around why anyone would choose to semi-retire early when they could just make that last ditch effort to be home free sooner. Why prolong the working pain! Even if it’s just part time, it’s still work – you know?!

Now we are semi-retired and I soooooooo get why people choose to semi-retire first.

First off, working full-time is SO much less fun than what we’re doing now!

But secondly, it is more lucrative to be semi-retired because it gets you out of the employee mindset, which is NOT good for earning money.

We’re supposed to be the working class, end of story

Let’s go way back now. Our parents want us to become respectable white collar employees, not entrepreneurs who are hustling day after day to sell stuff to people. That’s because society told them to also follow the rules and serve as the working class for corporations. That’s why careers even exist. All tied up with promotions and vacation days and other incentives.

I don’t want sound like I think I’m a big shot entreprenuer or anything, after having gone freelance a few months! 😛 I’m aware that freelancing is NOT entreprenuership. But damn it has changed the way I approach money making, and I’ve realized that employment is one of the most restrictive forms of income generation.

Taxes are a big reason

I’ve written about my strategy on how not to pay taxes, and then I got nervous and retracted it to say that we probably will pay taxes somewhere. The truth is, what and where and whether we pay taxes is a choice. There are lots of LEGAL ways to mitigate and eliminate paying taxes, that companies much bigger than ours strategically employ on a grander scale.

You don’t have that choice as a full-time employee, so your earnings are cut by a lot due to taxes. It’s the people who pay the bulk of the taxes, not corporations.

Believe in your abilities

Everyone has the potential to earn their own income through enterprise. By creating something of value to others. This is especially made possible today if you have access to the internet and speak English.

We don’t need someone to allow us to work for them, we can work for ourselves!

Being semi-retired has afforded us the time to get out of this employee mindset. To change our way of thinking and being. Honestly, we haven’t done much with it yet. But it is there boiling, it’s percolating, and we don’t feel hindered anymore.

Doesn’t mean that everything will be perfect. Nothing is perfect. But we can try and try until something works, without being fully retired/financially independent YET.

In an abstract way, this is how our semi-retirement is looking like these days. I’d say we’re falling into it nicely.

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