What it feels like to be in Chiang Mai


I just got back from a 66K ride, while Martin continued on to make 100K because he’s doing the Gran Fondo challenge on Strava.

Our life literally revolves around biking now.

Every morning our alarm clock rings at 5:30am so we can get up and ride before the sun gets too hot. We don’t always wake at 5:30am, but we do aim to leave at 6 or 7am if we want to ride up the mountain. If we’re just doing a flat ride like today, we get a bit lazy and leave at 8am.

This is exactly the lifestyle I envisioned for us. With a strong focus on fitness and health.

We are eating A LOT (high carb vegan!) to fuel our riding everyday, and feeling AMAZING.

Lest you imagine 2 fit people zipping around on bikes, it’s actually more like one fit guy biking with his incredibly out of shape wife who tails him by a lot. 😛

My top priority right now is to up my fitness level, and I can definitely say I’ve been working towards goal this everyday. I used to only want to engage sports, but not try to get really good at it or to use it to improve my life.

That has all changed since moving to Chiang Mai!

If I were still in Germany, I would be trying to stave off my seasonal depression by taking vegan vitamin D pills. I wouldn’t be biking nearly as much (and definitely not up a mountain!) because it would be too cold.

This life feels so much better, and more fun, and I’m really really grateful for that!

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