It’s not crazy, it’s strategic


Some people in our lives find what we’re doing to be absolutely insane.

They worry about us, or just don’t understand.

This is okay to me, because honestly, it reinforces that we’re doing the right thing.  Not because we enjoy being contrarians, but because the ones who find it ‘crazy’ aren’t living lives that we want to emulate, so of course our choices will look different from theirs.

If we wanted to work full time corporate jobs and take on a mortgage to buy a house and settle in Germany/Canada, then yes we would follow the lead of others who live this way.

But we don’t want that!

We want to be free to travel. We want access to good vegan food and a strong cycling community.

Our move is for adventure and lifestyle reasons, but it’s also strategic. We intend on increasing our net worth at a faster rate than what we are doing here in Germany.

This is not an extended long-vacation where we’ll be pissing away money and return broke.

We’re building an enterprise!

Our company is being formed and will be ready once we touch down in Asia. It will also be cash flow positive almost immediately.

In a year we plan on not only having higher net worths, but with more robust passive income streams and a fitter body and mindset.

So really there’s not much to worry about.

Our plans involve hardly any risk. The only risk I can see is that we won’t like it and come back.

In terms of financial risk, we will invest around $3K for business start-up costs, which includes a trip to Hong Kong. But selling our car will easily cover these expenses. In fact if we didn’t leave, we would keep the car and also keep paying for it.

Basically, all of our moving abroad costs do not subtract from our net worths because we didn’t include depreciating assets like a car or furniture into our net worths.

Yet they do hold some financial value, so once we’ve started dealing with our belongings we started making money from them too, and will even have a bump in net worth just for leaving!

Of course this is mainly from the upcoming sale of our car. The other stuff was just sold off/given away so we wouldn’t have to send to the landfills.

Anyway, my point is that this is all part of a bigger system and plan that we’re intentionally creating.

It’s not for everyone, but there’s nothing reckless/risky/crazy about it.


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