Getting German permanent residency – then giving it up!



I went to pick up my Niederlassungserlaubnis last week, and only afterward did I realize that I will lose my permanent residency status if I leave Germany for more than 6-months.


I probably should have read this before going through the hassle of applying.

Part of my application required me to take a B1 German test and pass it. It was a pain in the butt to arrange semi last minute, but I’m glad I did it because this is the best German I’ll ever speak/write/read/listen to! It’s all gonna downhill from here, by design, because I’m not planning to put anymore effort into learning German. It’s just not my interest.

My interest is in learning Mandarin so I’ll focus more on that in the future. :mrgreen:

So back to the PR stuff, it doesn’t bother me to give up my German PR. I wanted it at first so that I could enter and exit the Schengen region without notice, and so Martin and I could apply for certain visas from the same country. But these are very first-world problems and not really problems at all.

One day if we ever live in Germany again, I can re-apply and it’ll probably be easier since I already had PR once. Some people on the forums say if you’re married to a German and have been living in Germany for a while, you can retain PR status even when you leave. But I kinda doubt this will be the case for me.

Before I de-register (Abmelden) from Germany, we’re going to apply for 6-month Thai visas. Hopefully the process is easy because it’ll be a few days before we fly out.

The 6-month Thai visa will let us stay in Thailand for a total of 6-months, but every 2 months we’ll have to do a visa run. Which is kind of a drag but I’m not complaining!

Perhaps this seems like a very frivolous way to give up my German PR. But I really don’t want to base my life on arbitrary immigration rules.

I don’t even believe in borders or nationalism. They are just ways to oppress, divide and exclude. This world is meant for all of us, but that is a totally different entry.

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