Being unhappy in Germany and doing something about it


I’m starting to get really excited about moving to Asia!

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for years. When I graduated from undergrad, I travelled to Asia with the intent on living in Hong Kong. But for various reasons, I ended up in Germany instead.

I don’t regret coming to Germany, but I do regret staying here for so long. I just passed my 6-year living-in-Germany anniversary, and I know it’s my time to leave.

6 years!!

There were so many times I almost left Germany, but I stayed because I was scared. Scared that I had messed up my life, scared of losing Martin, scared of trying something new.

While I appreciate my time in Germany and acknowledge that I’ve gotten so much from being here, I’ve also been quite unhappy.

I mean, I’m comparing my feelings of living in Germany with my feelings of living in Canada. Perhaps not a fair comparison, but I was much happier and more satisfied living in Canada.

My favourite things about living in Germany is that the cost of living is low for a developed country, AND it’s centrally located in Europe so I can LEAVE easily and cheaply.

You know that saying that you can be happy anywhere? It’s not true. Your surroundings affect you a lot, though it’s your choice how you deal with it.

That’s why I’m dealing by changing my surroundings.

I’m very happy that Martin wants to come with me! Unlike me, he is really happy to be in Germany, asides from having to deal with a wife who isn’t as happy to live here.

So we’ll see how he fares being out of Germany but with a much happier wife. :mrgreen:

I can tell I’ll be much happier because I can already FEEL it. It’s like a weight has been lifted off me. Like YAY, I don’t have to live here anymore!!!!!

One of Martin’s friends came to visit us and he later told Martin that I’m looking so much fresher and younger than I did before. (German men (in my experience!) aren’t great at giving compliments – so no worries that in English, such a comment would actually be considered backhanded and quite rude – I learned not to take it that way).

Martin’s friend is right. I FEEL more fresh, younger, and HAPPIER.

It feels very productive and empowering for me to take my life by the reigns, and make the necessary changes that I want. Exciting times await ahead!

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