9 days left in our flat


We are living in chaos!

All of our furniture is gone, so everything we own is scattered around us on the floor. I work by sitting on a pillow, with my laptop perched on a stool. Our kitchen has only the standalone stove-oven unit left so we can still cook but must get water and clean our dishes in the bathroom!
We’re scrambling to sell & give things away, pack things for our travels, and pack a few boxes to store at Martin’s parents’ house.
It’s insanity but we love it!
We’re vacating our flat in 9 days, and still have so much to do.
Funny that we didn’t think we had so much stuff, and our friends already consider us ‘minimalists’, but when we have to sort/carry/do something with all the stuff we own, we realize how overwhelmingly MUCH it all is. It’s not anything that we can carry on our backs at the moment, but we’re working on it.

9 days!!!

Martin has been in a frenzy figuring everything out and he’s doing great! Thank goodness he isn’t working (paid working) otherwise we’d be even more stressed.

He managed to find Luna a good home. We are sad about it and a bit nervous that it won’t stick, but have high hopes anyway and know Luna is being treated very well.

I went back and forth between whether we should visit Toronto or not before taking off to Thailand. Toronto is in the opposite direction but I haven’t been back in 3 years and felt it was time.
So I arranged to stay at my best friends’ house for part of the trip, to not overwhelm my parents. Then thought about it for a few weeks and decided it wasn’t good timing. Not only is it getting cold there and we want to chase summers (!) but we have stuff to do in Asia, my parents are travelling to the Caribbean, and I just don’t want to be in a familiar-comfy place before I go off and do something non-conventional. I just KNOW I will get pressured to settle down and buy property, and everyone will worry that I’m being too fancy-free and not at all focussed on real estate. 😕
It’s true. Real estate is very far from my mind these days. I’m even grateful and relieved that we have never purchased anything, despite coming close a few times. PHEW!
Instead of Toronto, we are flying to Phuket and staying there for 4 days. From Phuket we  will make our way to Chiang Mai and find an apartment to rent. Before we can even get settled, we’ll have to make our way to Hong Kong to settle some paperwork. Then back to Chiang Mai where I plan to buy a road bike and train hard up the mountain.
Oh yeah and I should work. I’ve been taking on a lot of projects since Martin quit his job, but am planning to cut back when we’re in Thailand. I realized that I only like working a little bit, and am more into lifestyle freelancing rather than earning tons of money freelancing. I prefer to work 5-10 hours per week (or less!) rather than 60 hours per week. Also, I’m planning to find different clients so that I’m not basically working my old job but from home.

Okay so I will try to update again when we leave our flat and move in with my in-laws temporarily!


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    and now… three days. time is moving so fast. let’s work to keep in touch, okay? and keep my place in mind when you are ready for this hemisphere – I have too much space.

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      Yes, let’s Skype more often! We were just talking about you. It’s been frustratingly busy for us here, but once we settle in Chiang Mai things should be clearer. So from mid-October on!

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