Explaining things to friends who found my blog!


I want to say HELLO to some IRL friends who have recently and accidentally searched out this site, read a bunch of my entries, and told me about it!!

Though this blog is kind of anonymous, I don’t go out of my way to keep my identity top secret, mainly because I think no one would really care either way.

Especially because we’re kinda boring and don’t do things that others find fun. Like my Mom visited us last year and said we act like old people and that we should quit doing that since we’re still sort of young. (Thanks Mom!)

I wouldn’t share this site with everyone in my network, since I do write about our financial goals and retiring early. But if someone happened to stumble here like friends did (hello again!), it’s not the end of the world. Nothing here is very sensitive.

We probably have high paying jobs and come from rich families – right?

Just because someone has the goal to retire early or is already semi-retired like us, it doesn’t mean we’re loaded from our jobs or that we come from wealth. It’s just that we’ve made some conscious adjustments to our lives to be able to save more money for the purpose of retiring early (and travelling, in our case).

When we reduce our expenses, it means we require less money to live on, which means we also get to work less. Such a neat and simple concept, that a lot of people don’t get! (Google 4% rule)

How do we reduce our expenses? There are lots of ways but for us, we cook most of our meals, live a high carb VEGAN lifestyle, live in a nice but simple flat, and bike/walk/enjoy the outdoors for our entertainment. We generally don’t let our lifestyles inflate, and spend only about $2K per month on living expenses for 2 people.

Being a frugal VEGAN – high carbing it!

People think vegan food is complicated or expensive, but it’s the simplest, healthiest, cheapest, and most environmentally sustainable lifestyle there is bar none.

We aren’t eating high carb VEGAN to save money, we’re doing it for health and physical performance. It just ALSO happens to save us lots of money and time, which is AWESOME. Plus it feels SOOO good physically to eat this way. No constipation, we’re often in good moods, and we have feelings of strength like we can handle it and get shit done. Doing this while eating crap (animal products) doesn’t feel this way. We know because we’ve gone that route for most of our lives, and THIS is waaaaayyy better.

Plus we care about the animals and the environment. There is no reason to perpetuate a violent reality that has no positive outcome. I’m not religious, but if I were, I don’t think any God would condone the rape and genocide of his/her animals or the environment. Remember that it’s the Garden of Eden, not the Slaughterhouse of Eden.

Going nomadic VERY soon!

Yes, this is our plan and it’s coming to a head. We have 3.5 weeks left before we have to vacate our flat. From there we’ll stay in temp housing with Luna in and around Germany, and once Luna leaves our nest, we’ll take off somewhere. At first we thought Thailand, but right now we’re not sure.

At the moment we’re really focussed on Luna and are working hard to find her a good home, AND she’s been sick. Poor girl.

We’re also getting rid of nearly all the stuff we own, which is a really liberating experience!

Martin quit his job and I continue to freelance. But Martin is handling our leaving-Germany which is a FT job in itself.

We are also in the process of incorporating a new company, which I’ll write about in an upcoming entry.

Lots going on here but it’s all in the direction towards setting up the life that we want. Not everyone wants to be nomadic, and even we think we’ll get tired of it after a year or so. But at the moment it is what we want to pursue and it makes us feel the most excited.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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