Why it may be better to pay low tax rather than no-tax


In 4-ish weeks, we have to leave our flat.

So we are scrambling to get rid of 99% of our belongings, and also to find Luna a permanent home.

Soon after we leave our flat, we’ll also de-register ourselves from Germany meaning we will no longer be paying taxes to Germany (unless we have cap gains) and no longer taking out German health insurance. If we still have Luna, we’ll move to Netherlands with her. If not, we’ll fly away.

I’m also in the process of incorporating my off-shore business in Hong Kong. I’ve found an agency I want to work with, and just need to go ahead with the paperwork. I intend to have my incorporation date after I leave Germany, and start operating through my company ASAP while I’m still in Europe.

Remember I planned to live a no-tax lifestyle? It’s actually why I started this blog. To chronicle my journey on setting up a no-tax digital nomad VEGAN lifestyle and strategy.

But upon closer inspection, it makes more sense for us to pay low taxes somewhere, rather than no taxes at all.

Especially if we want to adopt a child or children, or move back to Canada to get Martin’s permanent residency, or even Germany one day. If we don’t have any proof of paying taxes somewhere, we could be liable to pay back Canada or Germany when/if we move back.

So it’s kind of an insurance thing to pay a little bit of tax, rather than no tax at all.

We can do this by choosing somewhere to be resident; somewhere that has favourable tax laws and tax treaties with Canada and Germany.

The first places that come to mind are Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Hong Kong is probably the easier choice since my company will be domiciled in HK, and I hold HK permanent residency so can sponsor Martin. But HK boasts insane cost of living and though I love Hong Kong, I much prefer living in Taiwan.

While I’m not sure it’s possible and if it is it will likely take a lot of time, but I’m planning to seek permanent residency in Taiwan in the near future.

There are so many possibilities when we leave our comfort zone and go to a different part of the world. It makes me really excited to leave already, but we have a cute dog to consider for now.

But once we’re off, we’ll be off and it will be so exciting!


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    It sounds like a great journey!! do it now, before you grow too many ‘roots’ in any one place It’s a lot harder to go away for a long period of time when you have grown roots.

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      Hi No Nonsense Landlord! We have a moderate amount of roots here, with our foster dog (who can’t seem to find a home) the deepest one. The rest are physical things that aren’t emotionally difficult to part with. Thanks for your comment!

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