Luna problems and potential adopters


I am still hopeful that we can leave Europe in mid-October.

But things aren’t going well for Luna at the moment.

She’s not acting herself, and I think it’s because she’s reacting badly to the antibiotics she was prescribed.

She is full force itching herself, but in a manic, unrelenting way. She also breathes heavy and has low energy.

We are really worried about her.

I did a google search and apparently it’s common for dogs to have allergic reactions to antibiotics. It appears that the antibiotics may have caused her a yeast infection across her whole body.

We only figured it out last night, but she’s been suffering for over 2 weeks now. 🙁

The other day a potential adopter drove 1.5 hours to come and meet Luna.

At the time we didn’t know Luna had these problems, because we had seen her scratching but she was wearing her e-collar so had restricted access to her body. When we took off her e-collar, that’s when we noticed how bad it was because she spent a disproportionate amount of time biting and licking herself.

The meeting didn’t go so well. But it wasn’t all because of Luna’s itching. The lady herself seemed really uninterested in Luna, despite having driven all that way to see her. I don’t know if the lady was her having a bad day or what, but it was really underwhelming – almost like why did you even come?!?!

Martin asked her what she thought about Luna. We both noticed she hesitated, and then said that she would need to come back and meet Luna for a second time, and said maybe on Wednesday. We doubt we’ll hear from her again.

We’re kind of feeling frustrated about the whole situation. From her shelter forgetting about her between March and June (we didn’t see any action until we told them we were leaving) and her last adoption setting us back by at least a month.

On top of it all, the shelter’s email server is down so even though Luna’s FB post is going viral (it’s their most popular post ever!), we’ve only gotten this one barely-interested woman inquiring about Luna.

We have one more hopeful lead. But it’s a far reach, perhaps.

One day we were walking Luna and from a distance, we saw this young woman with a toddler in a stroller and 2 big dogs. I’m gonna call her Supergirl.

We were watching Supergirl and in awe of how she handles her dogs and her baby at the same time.

This girl has it together. Like more than us, but maybe that’s not hard! 😛

I asked Martin to ask her to help us with Luna, because Luna is still reactive and it makes it hard to adopt her out.

But Martin was too uncomfortable, so I got up off my ass (I was sitting on a cannon, see pic above!), and went over to wow Supergirl with my awesome German skills.

Okay so I totally started the convo asking her if she speaks English first (Sprechen Sie Englisch?) but alas she doesn’t. Of course. A lot of Germans are shy about their English and say they don’t speak it, but really their English is way better than most people’s German.

Anyway I can speak German ja!, I just passed my B1 deutsch test and am about to become a German permanent resident!

Supergirl is really kind. She listens to me patiently as I tell her about everything that has to do with Luna, throwing in all the German words I know and semi-know, conjugated in grammatically incorrect, clunky sentences.

She agrees to help us! And get this, she’s a DOG WHISPERER.

She is soooo good with teaching us how to deal with Luna, that her techniques started to work instantly and continues to work for us still.

It’s not Luna’s fault that she is the way she is. We’re also not guiding her as well as we should be. Not for lack of desire, but a lack of skill and understanding on our parts.

We’ve been meeting up with Supergirl almost everyday to learn from her. She tells us that her Mom is interested in adopting another dog, and that she will tell her about Luna.

Supergirl shows her Mom Luna’s FB post and her Mom wants to meet Luna! Her Mom is also great with dogs like Supergirl is, lives on a big property, and has a male dog who wants a friend.

This is all very perfect and what we consider the ideal set-up for Luna.

But it almost seems too good to be true, so we’re not getting our hopes up too high. Supergirl and her Mom have also been busy with a big family get together this week, and her Mom hasn’t scheduled an appointment with us yet. Which Supergirl did warn us about when she told us her Mom wanted to meet Luna.

So anyway, that’s our biggest lead at the moment.

Despite our impatience, the timing is working out well since we have to heal Luna first before we can have any more meetings.

Fingers crossed!!

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