Change of plans


Our plans keep changing!!

Luna’s adoption fell through after only 5 days. 🙁 One of the family members had *intense* panic attacks over Luna being in doors. She had to take anxiety meds, lock herself in the bedroom, and couldn’t eat or sleep while Luna was around.

It was a bit dramatic, especially because Luna is not very scary. But seems like they had undisclosed mental health issues that got in the way.

We were so disappointed at first, but now it’s like Luna has never left!


During the 5 days Luna was adopted, we had taken in another (!) foster dog (Mia), and also cancelled our flat!

Mia is only a 3 month old puppy and she was adopted yesterday, after staying with us for 6 days. Puppies are quick to find homes.

As for our flat, it’s confirmed that we’re moving out end of September!

So the clock is ticking and we have 6 weeks to find Luna a real forever home. We are hopeful and have a good feeling about it.

If we can’t find her a home before we have to vacate the flat, we’ll live in the Netherlands as planned.

In the grand scheme of things, we are sooooo lucky to have this as our ‘biggest problem’. Second biggest problem is selling our BMW.

Which is why we’re taking it easy and not letting it get to us. Things will happen when they happen, and if we’re delayed by X amount of time, well then boo hoo.

Ideally we’d like to leave for Thailand in mid-October, but if not we’ll hang around Europe. Not a terrible option at all.


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    Darn, that is one big disappointment. Hope Luna finds a good spot soon.
    Panic attacks over a dog, really?

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      I know, who has panic attacks over a sweet dog?!?!?! Not knocking mental health issues, but it’s something they should have thought about before going through all that effort and wasting everyone’s time. 🙁

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