Giving Luna away



Yesterday we gave Luna away to her new family.

She took it really well. She had met her forever-family twice before, and was familiar with them and liked them.

We stayed with her for a few hours. First to build her bed (an upcycled old crib), then to hang out (because we are bffs with her humans!), and also to go on a long neighbourhood walk.

Luna in crib

When we came back from the walk, we all went back into the flat to drink water/use the bathroom/collect our things.

After a few minutes, Martin and I hugged the humans good bye and walked out the door. Luna tried to follow us, as she tends to do, and looked confused when we stopped her and let her new Mom hold her at the door step while we exited. We told her happily that she was staying there and beamed out happiness to her.


We wanted to make sure that we didn’t get all sad and dramatic about it, because otherwise that would make her doubtful and scared. It wasn’t hard to leave her since we know her new humans will give her a better life than we ever could.

But now that she’s safely away from us, I’m kinda sad because I miss her! I teared about it yesterday, and am tearing about it now. I know that this is a VERY positive step and that it was the whole point of us fostering her in the first place. But still. The little stinker wiggled her way into my heart and no surprise – I got majorly attached.

Luna lived with us for almost 7 months exactly.

We weren’t planning to keep her for so long (we thought it would only be 2-3 months), but the shelter kind of forgot about her (we think) and stopped advertising her. They also rescued a bunch of dogs in the Springtime so were focussed on re-homing/fostering them ASAP. Understandably. I think the shelter assumed we would adopt Luna ourselves, because they knew we liked her a lot.

Luna tiles

Adopting her was an option, but then we would have to bring her along with us. I looked into it but in the end, it wasn’t good for her and didn’t make much sense.

Now that Luna is out of our lives, we feel pretty free!

There are some much less emotionally trying events we need to go through first before we can leave, but they’ll get done in these next 2 months that we’re here.

If anyone wants to by a fully loaded 2009 BMW 325d with automatic transmission, let us know!! 😉

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