Luna found a forever home!!


Yes, Luna has found herself a new home, and we’re thrilled for her!!

The couple who are adopting her are so so so so sooooooo nice. And gentle, and sweet. Not saying that we exhibit these traits (!), but these folks are very similar to us. Out of everyone who has inquired about Luna, this couple reminds us most of ourselves, and it feels like we’ve made some good friends along the way.

Maybe in the German sense of “friendship” we’re not friends; but in my loosey-goosey (who says that?) North American definition, we are like bosom buddies! Or at least I feel very close to them somehow, like they are doing Luna and us a huge favour, and for that I pretty much LOVE them!

Obviously I am too extreme to live in Germany. I love easily, and am not stingy with that emotion. 😉

They are a good pair of humans and I have no doubt that Luna will thrive and live a happy life with them. They also said we could visit her anytime. See? LOVE! <3<3<3

Knowing Luna will leave us soon has prompted us to kick it into high gear.

We are in the process of severe minimalizing. And it’s a lot more work than we anticipated.

We always underestimate how much stuff we really have until we have to sort it, organize it, carry it, etc… Of course we could throw everything to the curb, but that feels too wasteful (plus the curb isn’t big enough to house all our stuff!).

Looks like we won’t need to move to the Netherlands anymore. That simplifies things by a lot!


Our flat will be cancelled by end of October, but we’re aiming to find a Nachmieter (someone to take over our lease) from beginning of October, if possible.

I have so many thoughts floating around my head right now, but am so excited that this is actually happening!

We have to get through a tedious-stressful period first, but looks like we’re on the last stretch of living in Germany!!

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