Applying for German PR!

A few days ago I found out I passed my B1 German test!!!

So all that stressing out I did about not passing was quatsch (as Martin would say!).

Amazingly, I passed with a 98% spoken test, and 93% overall!

That doesn’t really reflect my German abilities (I take good tests). But I’m just happy I passed. Phew!!!!

Immediately after we picked up my B1 certificate, we didn’t skip a beat and headed over to the Ausländerbehörde (foreigner’s office) to apply for my German permanent residency.

The guy gave us a bit of a hard time at first, as they tend to do, but it all worked out and they are processing my request now. It appears I should be getting my residency in 4-6 weeks!!

German immigration (for me) has been really smooth. For a lot of others it isn’t like that, so I count my lucky stars that of all things that are challenging for me in Germany, immigration isn’t one of them. Which is a big one.

When I compare myself getting German PR versus Martin getting Canadian PR, Germany is MUCH easier.

I don’t know if the immigration office in Canada allows you to just show up and apply in person. It seems like you have to download forms to fill out and send in a stack of papers, and then hear a tiny response months later. That’s why it takes well over a year to process a simple Canadian PR via marriage.

Anyway, that will be for later. Martin wants Canadian PR so we’ll have to figure out a good way and time to apply for it. We’ll likely have to hire a lawyer which is always very fun. :-/

Our plans are coming together!!! We’re feeling very good. :mrgreen:

Next up is finding Luna a good home. We’re not getting too excited yet but we’ve approved a family already! They’re now going through the shelter’s adoption process. Lots of mixed feelings here, but will write more later, hopefully with positive news!


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