Do we want to be parents?


Martin and I have been discussing what our life goals are.

Not just with slow-travelling, that’s easy talk. But what else do we see ourselves doing?

It probably seems ridiculous, but we’re starting to look into possibly adopting a child or more. But let’s start with one first.

By ‘starting to look’, I mean just that. Very very preliminary stages of researching, learning, understanding, reading adoption blogs & forums, etc…

We haven’t contacted any agencies yet.

But we’ve been discussing with each other whether adoption is something we seriously want to pursue. It’s not cheap and the process is not easy. We know that as it stands now, we don’t qualify. Which means we’ll qualify even less once we go nomadic.

Qualifying for being adoptive parents is not our highest priority at the moment. We still want to travel and spend at least a year seeing how our cash flow goes before we really decide if adoption is something we want to do, or can do.

If we do decide to try to adopt, I can see us going for an international adoption but taking up residency in the country we’re planning to adopt in. For practical and cultural reasons.

Just for fun and because I get way too into these little fantasies/plans, my naive idea is to adopt from Taiwan.

My first initial thought was Thailand or China. But I think it will be hard for us to stay in Thailand visa-wise, and China has changed their adoption rules to take far too long (I read 8 years, but not sure if that’s true).

I’ve also always wanted to live in Taiwan, and think it could be a good place to set up base. We could earn decent income at a local job like language teaching, and the corporate and income tax rates are favourable in Taiwan too. I’m not sure if my freelancing Ltd company could sponsor our residency visas (I think not), so we may have to find local jobs if we want to live there.

Culturally, I jive with Taiwan more than the other Asian countries I’m familiar with. That doesn’t mean I’m against adopting from other countries though, also outside of Asia. But I’m naively choosing Taiwan because of their adoption rules, plus I have a stronger connection to Taiwan being half Taiwanese myself. Of course the people of Taiwan don’t consider me Taiwanese at all (this is the heartbreaking part about being a 3rd culture kid, specifically from an Asian background), but my Mom is from Taiwan, and most of my Canadian family members in my parents’ generation are from Taiwan. I feel like if I adopt a Taiwanese child, I can help them connect with their roots, by virtue of striving to connect with mine.

Of course, I know I’m giving myself a lot of credit here!

Adopting a child from any background is really fine with both Martin and I. It would be a privilege for us to look after any child who needs a family.

The whole point of this entry is to share that Martin and I want to be parents, we think!

We’ve already tried to get pregnant for about a year, and it didn’t happen. I did some soul searching and decided I no longer wanted to try. It was a big decision because there is a certain amount of pressure for me to get pregnant. But it is my body and I’m pretty firm that I don’t desire to create babies with it.

There’s a lot that we still have to think about and figure out. So far we acknowledge that adoption is on the radar, and feel quite open and positive about it. 🙂

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