Moving to the Netherlands with Luna


We’re leaning towards leaving Germany even sooner than planned.

It’s getting harder for me to stick with the German freelancing rules, and it’s stressing me out.

True that we still have our cutie foster dog Luna, who is our limiting factor for leaving. But here’s my new plan that also works well with her.

Not living in Germany anymore doesn’t mean *never* coming back to Germany

Once we de-register from Germany, we’ll get out of paying for health insurance, paying taxes to Germany, and I won’t have to follow German freelancing rules!

There’s no hard rule but it’s generally recommended that you should leave the country within a week after de-registering.

However, it’s not trackable within the Schengen Region.

Who’s to know where we are? We aren’t famous or rich, so no one will notice or even care. Plus Martin is unemployed, and if he doesn’t find a job soon the state will be on the hook to pay his health insurance and unemployment money. I’m sure they’d be happy to have us leave!

Conceivably, we could even stay IN Germany after we de-register.

That’s not what we plan to do, but it’s a possibility if we don’t overdo it!

schengen map


Enjoying the Schengen Area 

As I mentioned, we still have Luna and we take her care very seriously.

We’re committed to finding her a GREAT home, so we need to be nearby her shelter because people who contact the shelter will also live nearby.

Good thing is, we all happen to live close to the Netherlands!!!

Not only that, but we have a good friend who lives along the border but on the Dutch side, who has a huge house.

She lives by herself, and just finalized her divorce. In her marriage, she was the higher earner so had to buy her ex-husband out, as well as pay him alimony. >:-/ So she’s stressed with money and is also lonely. She’s asked me before to move in with her, but it didn’t seem feasible.

Until now!

We could stay with her and help with the mortgage, and still be within driving distance to Luna’s shelter in Germany.

There will be times when we’ll need to stay in Germany, but we’ll be tourists and not residents. (We won’t be residents in Netherlands either)

Sometimes the easy option is staring us right in the face

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner!!!!!!!!!!!

I had framed it in such a way that it was either Germany or Thailand. Which is quite extreme.

We can cut residency ties and still be a few steps away. :mrgreen:



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      Thanks! We come to NL often. It’s just a short drive but always makes me feel like I’m a ‘real’ vacation!

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      Ha! Interesting indeed. Yes we are very lucky to be allowed to live in these nice countries.

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