Wanting to stay in Germany afterall


Martin and I are reeeaaally enjoying this new semi-retirement lifestyle!

In fact, THIS is the type of life I’ve always wanted to live in Germany.

And surprisingly, it’s making me want to stay put!

This isn’t joke entry, though I feel like I’m writing one. 😛

We have an ideal setting at the moment. We live a nice & affordable lifestyle with drool-worthy access to an extensive bike-trail network. Our expenses are low enough that we could continue living on one-income, and we are HAPPY!

Are we nuts to give this up?!?!?!

If we stayed in Germany, I would prefer to reduce costs a little further since my income fluctuates. But more because it feels so good to have efficient spending on what’s most important to us.

We could sell our BMW. We could sell most of our things and live more minimalist. We could reduce health insurance costs by Martin collecting Arbeitslosengeld for a bit (unemployment insurance), and I could apply for the Kunstlersozialkasse (health insurance supplement for artists) since my writer’s job counts as “art”.

We could still focus on setting up passive income streams while freelancing to pay the bills. Like what we plan to do in Chiang Mai.

I doubt we will stay, because even though I like it here now I’m also itching to GO. And so is Martin! We’re looking for adventure and tropical weather and tropical fruit!!

But maybe it means we don’t have to rush to leave, especially if I didn’t pass my B1 test. There is also pressure on us to find Luna a good home, though we are also very attached to her so it will be hard to give her up (i.e. I will ugly-cry after she leaves!).

We can always come back to Germany and stay up to 3-months, or even resettle in Germany again in the future.

Who knows!


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    Seems like a good idea, be in Germany during the summer and go to southeast Asia (or other warm location) during the winter months to escape of the cold and (some of the) rain.

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      Yep, that’s the general idea. Although alternating Germany (or Europe in general) with North America.

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