Failed my B1 German test?


Yesterday was my B1 German test and everything went well, except the the speaking portion. 🙁

Martin thinks I’m being too hard on myself and that I probably did pass, but I didn’t leave the test feeling overly confident so it could go both ways.

There isn’t a “fail” in the B1 test. It’s actually called the A2/B1 test, so you either score A2 or B1.

But I need the B1 certificate to apply for my permanent residency in Germany – not the A2 (beginner’s level).

I’ll have to wait a few weeks (up to 6 weeks!) for the results. If I pass with B1, we’ll go immediately to the Ausländerbehörde (foreigner’s office) to apply for my PR, which will take another few weeks to process.

This will be ideal because it fits in nicely with our travel plans, as we plan to take off in October.

If I didn’t pass this round, the next B1 test is in September. Assuming I’ll pass that, it will delay our travel plans by at least 3-months.

Which means having to deal with another dreaded German winter!!

When I was at my test, I met some really nice people. One young man was from Syria, and we were talking together in broken German. We didn’t talk about anything deep, but my heart fell for him anyway having a small idea of what he had to go through just to get here. It’s unimaginable to me.

So I’m not complaining about any of this.

Yes it could put a wrench our plans, but it’s such a small hassle in the grand scheme of things.

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