Why it may be better to find Luna another foster home


When we leave Germany really depends on when we find our foster dog Luna a good home. We’re thinking that if we can’t find her a forever home soon, that it may be easier to find her another foster home. Here’s why.

People who choose to foster dogs tend to have more dog experience, are generous with their time and patience, and have less expectations for the dog to be a certain way. They are afterall, there to help the dog(s) on their journey. Which is an ideal mindset to have when it comes to keeping pets or interacting/respecting others in general.

I’m actually more confident that we will find Luna a good foster home, compared to finding her a new forever home. Maybe it’s just our luck, but so far the forever home inquirers have mainly been people who just want a good looking dog for cheap.

Which doesn’t necessarily mean they will be bad to Luna, but we prefer to place her with a family who has realistic expectations and a real interest in getting to know her. It just makes it easier for everyone, Luna especially.

Most people fundamentally view animals as objects. It’s how we’ve been indoctrinated. Animals exist in this world to serve us humans – not to live their own lives in peace. This type of thinking needs to be undone, and I strongly believe we are heading in that direction.


It is not our human right to do whatever we want to animals. Whether that’s for companionship (pets), entertainment (zoos), work (horses), or for a taste of their dead flesh on our tongues (every meal, everyday).

This is why I’m VEGAN. Because I no longer believe any of that crap. Though I once did.

Even raising Luna, I see how awful it is for her to live her dog life in our human world. We provide her with all the basics plus love and attention, but still her ideal life is not to spend the whole day indoors watching her humans use the computer.

My biggest wish at the moment is for Luna to live a life as close to her ideal as possible. Where she feels safe, loved, and cared for. I spend time visualising her future family, because I do believe in the power of visualisation. But soon we will also be more active in finding her a home.  Any ideas are welcomed!

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