First days of semi-retirement


Though we can barely believe it, we have officially started our semi-retirement!

I quit my job 8 months ago, and Martin quit his job last week!

No more having to rush getting all our groceries done on Saturday, or packing lunches, or scheduling errands around a rigid work schedule.

The feeling of freedom is so palpable that it surprises us.

We aren’t financially independent yet, but are able to scale back the work hours and earn enough money through freelancing.

Money is not the most important thing to us, it’s health and freedom.

Our income has drastically reduced, and we’re no longer DINKs, but SINKs!

We’re okay with that but I anticipate we’ll freak out a little in a few weeks once Martin gets his last pay cheque.

Out of the 2 of us, Martin is definitely the one who should take a break from working, and I’m very happy to support that. I want him to be happy, healthy, and relaxed. He also helps me a lot with my freelancing, so he’s still working just not in a stressful way.

When we move to Chiang Mai, our goal is to focus on creating more income streams. But for the time being, freelancing is our most lucrative bet and we need to earn money now to support ourselves.

We don’t have high bills but health insurance isn’t free and isn’t something we can cheap out on or not have (it’s regulated in Germany).

Even though we still have some time left before we take off (4 months, I updated the blog header!), our lives have drastically changed. Perhaps forever.

Our families think we’re nuts and our friends think we’re cool. We’re just feeling happy and relieved. 😎

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