Brazilian plans!


Our friends who live in Brazil have been visiting Germany, so we’ve been meeting up with them as much as we can in Düsseldorf at the vegan restaurant sattgrün.

I wasn’t kidding when I said that vegans bring the group to restaurants, time and time again!

They are our good friends and I miss them a lot.

I’ve been meaning to visit them in Brazil since they left Germany, but just haven’t gotten around to it. When I live in Germany and make a big trip abroad, I feel obliged (and also want to) visit my family in either Canada or Hong Kong. Especially Canada because my Grandma is 92 (or 93!), and my HK Granny is not far behind.

But when we make it our whole lives to travel and float around the world, we can make time to see everyone!

Another reason I haven’t visited Brazil is because I’ve been nervous about safety issues. You can read about it online and it sounds really bad, despite all the poor-people cleansing they’re doing for the Olympics. 🙁

I’ve never been to South America, and am not overly experienced travelling in developing countries either.

But I would like to see what’s out there in the world, even if it’s hard.

I’ve been talking to my friends about it and they encourage us to come visit, and gave us some safety tips. Actually where they live in Brasilia (Brazil’s capital) is very safe. We just have to practice common sense there. For big cities like Rio and Sao Paulo, we have to downright avoid certain areas.

We are loosely planning to spend 1-2 months in Brazil next year, with one month in Brasilia to be with our friends, and a couple of weeks in Rio and Sao Paulo if we are brave enough!

Not sure when exactly next year, as we gotta do Canada and the USA first. But it’s fun to plan Brazil because I already know what to expect in CAN/US, but not Brazil.

Brazil is looking quite expensive budget-wise though.
Which just means we shouldn’t spend so much in CAN/US.
I think I will draft up some estimated budgets for each place we’re planning to visit, so when we actually live there, we can see whether my budgets were realistic or not. I’m not sure if that’s very interesting to anyone but me, but it seems very PF-blog appropriate. 🙂

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