Do I want to live in Canada?


My friend whispered to me the other day to ask if my whole nomad plan is really just a ploy to move back to Canada.

She knows I’ve been yearning to move back since I came to Germany.

That has been partially true. When I first came here, I knew I didn’t want to stay long. Life in Germany was too lonely, too slow, and on top of that I didn’t like the food!

After I found a job in Germany, I realized I didn’t want to move back to Canada necessarily.

In comparison, my Canadian life was more stressful because the cost of living in Toronto is so high. For example, the average price of a house in Toronto is $1 Million!!!

That $1 Million won’t buy you a beautiful house either. Just a regular, probably cheaply made house that will need updating.

I earn more in Germany than I did in Toronto. And it’s not nearly as expensive to live where I live in Germany.

It means I get to save a lot more and not be financially stressed out. Of course money isn’t everything, but not having to worry about money is a luxury that’s important to me.

While I truly loved Toronto, I don’t want to stay living in a place that keeps me poor, just because I was born there.

Of course Canada is a big country and I don’t have to choose Toronto. I’ve given it a lot of thought and I would choose Montreal for the culture, or Calgary for the close proximity to the Rocky Mountains. Both cities are big Canadian cities which boast a much lower cost of living than Toronto.

But still. It’s f#$*ing cold there in the wintertime!!!!

I see no benefit at the moment to settle in Canada, and if I did, I would be upfront about it and not try to fool Martin into going with me.

It’s kind of a convoluted way to move from Germany to Canada by going through SE Asia first!

I also found out recently that it’s a lot harder than I expected to apply for Martin’s Canadian permanent residency. I had no idea since I’ve never gone through Canadian immigration. I just assumed we would show up at some immigration office, present our IDs and marriage certificate, and they would tell us which forms to fill out. Kinda like how it is here in Germany.

But actually I have to apply to be a sponsor first, which takes months to process. If I get accepted, then I can start the application to sponsor Martin, which will take over a year. It’s actually quicker if I sponsor him while we’re abroad, but then we’d have to show proof that we plan to live in Canada.

Also the fact that I don’t have a job in Canada won’t win me any points.

So at the moment, we can’t actually live in Canada without going through a complicated process. It’s kind of a drag.

When we set up our HK Ltd Company and start running our freelancing income through there, then we can show employment by hiring ourselves. Which will probably look better than 2 people who claim to freelance. Once we have “jobs”, our application will probably look better too and we can start the process if we think it’s worth it.

I will say that Canada is probably the only country I can see myself settling down in, however I don’t actually want to settle down any time soon!

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