Yesterday we became location independent!


Everything is happening so quickly now.

Martin gave his notice on Tuesday, and 3 days later (Friday, yesterday) was his last day at the office!!

His notice period is 4-weeks long, but HR calculated that he had over 3.5 weeks of vacation left.

He hasn’t even said good bye to his colleagues yet! They were all out of office attending a training session, so only his boss knows that yesterday was Martin’s last day.

His boss asked him to come back and work the last week of June, but Martin is declining because he wants to help me study for my B1 German test that’s fast approaching on July 1st. Eeek! (let’s just say, I am reeeaallly ill-prepared 🙁 )

Now that we’re location-independent (!!!), I’ve already started coming up with ideas on where we could live while we’re still in Germany, because I have strong nomadic tendencies. No where far away but maybe closer to where my friends live. But Martin is like “umm, can we just wrap up here first?” 😛

He’s right because it’ll be too overwhelming to change addresses again. Plus it’s very nice to live here, and the energy could be better spent on finding our foster dog Luna a good home.

But eeek!!! The possibilities!!!!!!!!!!!!


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