Telling our friends about our plans


Last night we went out for dinner with friends in Düsseldorf.

As vegans, we get to choose the restaurant. So of course we chose our favourite vegan restaurant: sattgrün!

Veganism is growing so everyone has vegan friends in 2016. A good tip for restaurants is to have PLENTY of vegan options on the menu. Better yet, go full vegan! Vegans will bring the group, time and time again.

During this dinner meet-up, we broke the news that we’ll be leaving Germany soon to travel.

We were expecting neutral responses, like those that we’ve gotten from family.

But our friends’ reactions were completely different. They were EXCITED and HAPPY for us!

Not that our families are not happy for us, but they are way more subdued and seem to be shell-shocked. I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that they would prefer us not to go, and to be more ‘normal’.

But our friends think it’s awesome and were asking for details of our plans, where we are going, and can they visit us?!!!!!

Their response to Martin having just quit his job was jubilant and congratulatory.

It was really refreshing and got me more excited too!!!

We’ve also added another country to our list: Brazil!

Who doesn’t want to go to Brazil?! We have friends there and want to spend more time with those whom we love.

So far our list is looking like this: Thailand, Canada, USA, and Brazil. :mrgreen:


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    Yay! as you tell people, you’ll get more countries. Maybe articulate what makes a good tele-working environment so we can get ready?

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      Anthony, your house is way nicer than what we could imagine for our dream home, let alone a work space!!

      We just need Internet access. Any table and any chair would be nice but we can improvise too! Don’t buy any new things for us, please!!

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