Big step: Martin quit his job!!!


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This morning at around 8am, Martin went to look for his company’s HR department (he had never been there) and handed in his letter of resignation.

They were shocked, and asked him a few times if he was serious.

He confirmed seriousness, then went to tell to his boss.

Apparently most people talk to their bosses first before quitting, but I’ve always preferred quitting first to get it out of the way. It feels more final and empowering that way.

Martin has been working for this particular department for 8 years since he graduated from university. But he’s been at the company since he was a student-apprentice making it 13 years in total.

13 years, wow, that’s a teenager!!!

Through working for this company, he’s travelled all over the world, has lived in Chicago for 6-months, and spent a whole month in India.

We met when he was working in Chicago and staying with a host family. The host family came from Germany and Toronto. The Torontonian brought him to Toronto and asked some friends to show him around – and I was part of that friends-group!

My point is, the job has been central to our story; from how we met to how we’ve structured our lives for these past 8 years.

His job is the reason why I moved to Germany instead of him moving to Canada, and why we’ve always lived in this particular area of Germany.

And now it’s time to give it up!!!

I can barely believe it, but OMG it’s happening!!!!!!

To welcome Martin into his new jobless status, my freelancing career has suddenly BOOMED.

I was doing fine before and working at a lovely, leisurely pace. It was like a nice paying vacation.

Now I am BUSY and feeling kind of overwhelmed. Realistically I may even fail my upcoming German test due to lack of time to study. We’ll see. (I suppose I could be studying now, instead of writing this) 😕

Martin is a trooper because he’s been stressed with the logistics of quitting, but has also been coming home to help me with my work!

There’s a lot of stuff I need to do that totally stresses me out, but is easy for Martin’s personality type to handle. This is so awesome because he willingly takes over the frustrating parts and leaves me with the parts that I am good at. We make a good team!

It also gives us a taste of what life will be like as a digital nomad couple who works together from home.

Could be good, but could also be a recipe for disaster!

We argue a lot (more like bickering) so we need to develop better working-together patience and communication skills.

But yay!!!! We are so looking forward to this next phase of our lives!!!

Martin quitting his job has been a huge weight lifted. 🙂


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    Congratulations to you both. I am not worried at all about you. You will find your way and sort out the difficulties that my occure down the road, I’m sure!
    Wish you all the best!

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    Yay! Well done to Martin, I’m sure that took a lot of courage. Good luck for the next stage of your pre-nomad planning!

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      Thanks! Yep, I’m so proud of him! He looks tired in the pic because he’s been stressed, but all the hard parts are done now!! 🙂

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