Speaking German at German parties


I’m now officially registered to take the B1 German test on July 1st!

It’s important that I pass this test so that I can get my German permanent residency.

Despite having lived in Germany for 5.5 years, my German still sucks. If I had to take the test tomorrow, I would fail. So I have to brush up on grammar and practice practice practice!

Coincidentally, I was invited to an all-German (except me) party on Fronleichnam. Instead of bringing Martin along, I decided to go solo. *gasp*!

It would be 1000x more comfortable for me to bring Martin, but then I knew I would speak very little German and spend most of the time speaking through him.

I gave myself some ground rules so as not to overwhelm myself.

  1. Keep the English to a minimum.
  2. If someone speaks to me in English, I should respond in German.
  3. I will only stay for 2 hours.

Well, it worked! People did try to speak to me in English, but I responded in German 98% of the time.

I engaged in many random conversation topics such gambling in Vegas, meeting people online, being VEGAN, travelling Canada and the US, the new VEGAN bistro in town, renting cars, working as a freelancer, weddings, mean family members, and more!

All in German. 🙂

One man was really fun to chat with, and he has a vegan friend who wasn’t at the party. So I’m going to try to arrange a triple date with all of us at the vegan bistro. I wanted to suggest this while I was at the party, but it’s a little too complicated for me to say in German (without confusing him!), so I’m going to ask my friend to ask him for me.

If the triple date happens, it’ll be another good chance to speak German AND to bond over vegan food.

Having positive social interactions is the funnest and most effective way to learn a language.


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    Well done on just going out there and jumping in the deep end. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. You’ll make them. Who doesn’t? But in the worst case you’ll say something that sounds unintentionally ridiculous, people will laugh, and you’ll learn from the mistake and always get it right after that. Believe me, I’ve been there!

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      Thanks Mrs. W! I make TONSSSS of mistakes. TONS! No one laughs though, unfortunately. When I left the party, I said to the host “Danke fuer die busuchen”, when I meant “Danke fuer die Einladung”. Yep. That’s how I speak German. 🙂

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    The main thing is that you’re trying. You can’t do any more than that.

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